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About Us

From hand-selected meats to our made-from-scratch sides to the wood we use, we take all aspects of our Texas-style barbecue seriously. Every animal is different, therefore every piece of meat is different, and we approach it as such.


Every piece of meat is meticulously inspected and trimmed with the utmost care. This step of the process sets up the cook. The perfect ratio of fat to meat, the perfect shape, even the careful handling all add to how the meat cooks on the pit. Once trimmed, we carefully and methodically season the meat. We are proud of the fact that the flavor of the meat is dominant, not the spices or sauces.


Our pits are fueled with locally-sourced wood, of which every piece is hand split and cut to the exact specifications required for our cooking process.


Pieces that do not meet our specifications for size and/or quality are simply not used. A vital step in our process, the fires are continuously being tended to.

In addition to consistent pit temperatures, the way in which a fire produces heat is absolutely critical to us and our process.


Every one of our sides and desserts are made from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients and the freshest fruits and vegetables.


All of our sides go through rigorous taste testing before being awarded a spot on the menu, and are always made-to-order. Our products and cooking process are of the utmost importance to us.

Catering for October thru March to: St. Michael, Rogers, Albertville, Maple Grove, Corcoran, Big Lake, Elk River, Buffalo, Hanover

Catering for April thru September to: St. Cloud, Little Falls, Brainerd, and surrounding areas.

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